Hello! My name is Chris Maher and my callsign is N7CPM. I am located in beautiful Gig Harbor, WA CN87. I am glad you found your way to my site, where I aim to “brain dump” a lot of the things going on in my head all around amateur radio topics.

I have a been a licensed ham radio operator since July of 2014. I was originally licensed as a Technician with the callsign KG7NFF. Shortly after getting my ticket, I got hooked on the HF bug on 10m while the solar cycle was still pretty active. When I was able to work Argentina on 5watts with just a “wire in the trees”, I knew I needed more HF in my life and got my General class license in the fall of 2014.

As a father to two kids, life here can get crazy and I tend to operate on the radio mostly in the evenings or some on the weekends. One of the things that I love about ham radio is the virtually limitless areas of focus you can participate in. Some of my favorite ham activities right now are:

Hope to meet you on the air!


Chris N7CPM